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Note From Rick
To our Volunteers:

Hello fellow hikers and supporters:

We need signups for our upcoming trips:

Wow what a season, even with fires and water issues we have had a great season. We have two trips available before the end of the year.

The Courtright Base Camp in a week and a half on September 25th and the woman's trip at Camp Nelson on October 2nd. We have 18 signed up for Courtright and 8 signed up for Camp Nelson, we need more people to sign up and help out. Get out of the heat and head for the mountains for a Fall Trip. Let's finish strong this year.

Great success:
The Edison base camp and Ansel Adams August trips were great with lots of great stories from the people that attended and lots of great work being accomplished. More details to come as we get the reports finished. To see pictures of the events look at the pictures on our Face Book (Page).

You are all doing fantastic work this year with lots of new people working for the crew and really good reports coming back from our partner agencies and the people that have attended the events.

Looking toward next year, new opportunities:
The trail crew is planning on having more and different events in 2015. New areas could include the National Parks, Millerton Lake, Hensley Lake, San Joaquin Gorge, and new sections of the Sequoia National Forest. We should still have most of the standard trips you are accustomed to but might add a few new opportunities.

Employee corporate giving programs make a difference:
Several people have opted to have their employers match donations to the High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew. This is a great program and we would like to encourage anyone who can take advantage of this program to do so. Thank you to those that participate, every dollar we receive makes a difference.

Environmental Reclamation Team volunteer opportunity:
The Sierra National Forest and our law enforcement partners have asked the High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew to help with marijuana grow site cleanup work in October and November.

If you are interested please contact Rick Fleming at rfleming@trailcrew.org or 559-325-2874.

Have a great time and remember live by our motto, Safety, Fun, Work

And, as always, if you have any questions or comments related to the Trail Crew please do not hesitate to call me:

Rick Fleming - Executive Director - High Sierra
Volunteer Trail Crew
RFleming@trailcrew.org www.trailcrew.org

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The High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew

Support the Volunteers of the High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew

As you consider your plans for donations and giving, we ask everyone to always remember the hard work and accomplishments performed by the Volunteers of the High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew.

Environmental Stewardship

Empowering our Volunteers to work in good stewardship, together - for the conservation and preservation of America's great national treasures.

2005 slideshow

Throughout their many years of dedication and efforts of good Environmental Stewardship, the High Sierra Volunteer Trailcrew has been recognized for all their hard work and awarded several service awards because of it.

"Number One Volunteer Organization in the Sierra National Forest,"

"An Organization that should be used as a framework and copied in
all of our public lands."

We are truly honored with the unique role we perform as well as the many services we provide
toward the preservation of some of America's great national treasures. To provide Corporate Sponsorship, a legacy gift, or to just be a part of this important piece of good environmental stewardship, we invite you to join in and support the Volunteers of the High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew. - Welcome Aboard!

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Vital Trail Maintenance Program

Projects and Trips for Families and Friends

finished bridge

Vital Trail Maintenance is one of the key support functions we provide. Responsible for close to a half a million acers of wilderness and other forest lands, The High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew offers outdoor trips that can accomadate friends and family of almost any age and ability.

From easy car camping at Edison or Florence Lakes - to long backpack trips down the John Muir Trail - you can find almost any level of activity you want to do. Not to mention campfire meals and friendship that are hard to replicate anywhere else in life.

The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range is some of America's most beautiful scenery. John Muir called it "The Range of Light." And, you can either come alone or bring along your friends and family. Because, you will learn as many have learned over the years, Trail Crew trips really are "Trips of a Lifetime"

Volunteers can work as much or as little as they want. On a normal day our volunteers head out on trails to clear fallen trees, maintain erosion control, restore trail tread, clear encroaching brush, and most of all enjoy the Sierra Nevada and all it has to offer. The VTM program has been the heart of HSVTC since its inception. And best of all for our volunteers - it's all FREE!

For the latest news and information on the VTM program, see our Trip Schedule . To sign-up for one of our VTM trips head over to our Trip Registration page. (Registration required)

Youth - Outdoor Education Programs

The Future of Good Environmental Stewardship

teenagers with bear box

Involvement and education of our youth in good environmental stewardship as well as the greater world around them, is paramount to the future of our forest lands. The HSVTC actively encourages youth of all ages to participate in our program.

We are currently seeking school and youth programs to partner with us in order to provide these educational outdoor experiences. If you are interested in participating, or in partnering with HSVTC for this program, please Contact-Us and express your interest in our Youth Education Programs.

Forest Facilities Management

Yes, we do lots of other things too.

Forest Building Maintanence

One of The High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew's goals is to provide volunteer opportunities for all that are willing. Our Forest Facilities Maintenance division is for those that do not want to hike to a work site each day but would rather work in one location on a project. Some of our past projects have been to reclaim the Great Western Rainbow Mine on the upper Kings River.

During the event we removed wooden & steel buildings, old equipment and vehicles, and tons of mining debris. Our Save the Bears project moved 800 steel bear proof food lockers from Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks and installed them in campgrounds throughout the Edison & Florence Lakes region, Huntington Lake and Wishon and Courtright reservoirs.

We also removed an old building, one board at a time, over a 5 day period. And then repurposed all the wood to a community garden program in order to build planting beds here in Fresno. We are also working on the restoration of various USFS and DFG cabins in local and remote locations that your skills can come in very handy, so give Shane Krogen a call to talk about the 2013 FFM opportunities.

For the latest news and information on the FFM program, see our Trip Schedule . To sign up for one of our FFM trips head over to our Trip Registration page. (Registration required)